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Caregiver Training

We believe that Orcas residents who require Caregiver assistance with daily living deserve well trained Caregivers.  We also believe that many of the island's existing individual providers of this service would like to further develop their skills but are challenged by our isolation from appropriate educational facilities and the high cost of participation in this type of training.

Lahari sponsors on-island training DSHS approved Caregiver Continuing Education classes as well as makes individual grants to Orcas Caregivers wishing to participate in professional development training and certification. If you're interested specifically in Washington State Home Care Aide (HCA) Training click HERE.  

Lahari Sponsored Caregiver Training and Events

The 2017 Continuing Education Schedule

DateCourse NameCE Credits
March 16Creating Safe Environments for Caregivers  4
May 18Hospice Foundation of America event:
“When Grief is Complicated”
July, August, September  
Cornerstone Online Courses1,2, or 3
Nov 16Working with Stroke Clients4

More information on the courses and registration will be available as each course date draws near. This information is to help caregivers plan to complete the 12 CEUs required to maintain HCA certification.

Working with the Stroke Client

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Eastsound Fire Station Meeting Room 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for Home Care Aides wanting to increase their understanding of stroke event and gain insight into the needs of the client who has had a stroke. Topics will include brief review of the brain and its functions, etiology of stroke, physical and emotional needs following stroke, identifying potential problems of the client with stroke and reporting procedures, and rehabilitation needs of the client following stroke.

Program Objectives and Outline 

4 CE Credits DSHS approved for HCA Certificate holders

To register for this event, click HERE

Summer Online Continuing Education(CE) Classes

Lahari is sponsoring online CE Courses this summer offered by Cornerstone Healthcare Training. The Cornerstone CE Catalog has 17 courses with varying numbers of DSHS CEUs approved for Long Term Care Workers. A complete description of the courses and their respective CEUs can be found HERE .

Lahari is sponsoring individuals to take one or more classes, up to 5 CEUs. For example, you may register for two 1 CEU classes and a 3 CEU class. After looking through the course offerings you may register HERE.

There is no time limit in completing the classes once you register, but registration for this program is open until September 30, 2017.

When Grief is Complicated

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm - Eastsound Fire Station Meeting Room

This program discusses the nature of Complicated Grief, a significant deviation from typical grief patterns, and the various ways grief can be complicated. The program addresses risk factors, assessment, danger signs, and current treatments. This educational program combines presentations by experts with video, discussion, and additional complimentary learning materials.
The program will present a 2 hour video and will conclude with a 30 minute live panel discussion staffed with Hospice, Alzheimer’s and dementia providers from our community. Local panel members will be announced at a later date.
Part of the Hospice Foundation of America’s Annual National Living With Grief® Program.

Program Objectives and Outline

2.5 CE Credits DSHS approved for HCA Certificate holders

To register for this event, click HERE 

Creating Safe Environments for Clients and Caregivers

4 CE Credits available for professionals

Thursday, March 16, 2017 1pm-5pm, Eastsound Fire Dept Meeting Room

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides an overview of the client with physical limitations and safety issues in the home setting. Topics include the advantages of staying active, disease and physical limitations, use of mobility aides, skin integrity, body mechanics, safety risks in the home, clients with greater risk of injury, safety through infection control, and an introduction to emergency preparedness.

To register for this course, click HERE

The cost of this training is being underwritten by Lahari as part of our initiative to enhance the skill levels of Caregivers on Orcas Island.

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