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About Us

 Lahari Board of Directors

From Left to Right: Don Webster, Teri Williams, Sally Coffin, Mike Jonas,  Paul Losleben.

Our Mission Statement

To provide education, resources and support to assist aged or infirm people with living on Orcas Island up to and including provision of hospice care.


Our Board of Directors

Don Webster - President

Sally Coffin - Secretary

Paul Losleben - Treasurer

Mike Jonas - Director

Teri Williams - Director

Administrative Assistant: Marlis Sandwith







Our History

Many Orcas Island residents will know of Lahari as the beautiful hospice facility located in Deer Harbor.  That facility closed a few years ago when it became clear that those residents who were in need of hospice care preferred to obtain it in their home surroundings.

The Lahari Board of Directors has moved through a planning process whereby we developed our new Mission Statement (at left).  We assessed areas wherein we could make a positive impact on Orcas Island consistent with our Mission Statement.

During this process we identified that the Deer Harbor facility did not fit into our future plans.  We sold that property in 2012 so that we could utilize proceeds from this asset sale to help support future Lahari programs.