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Home Care Aide (HCA) Training and Certification

To encourage island residents become trained and certified caregivers, Lahari sponsors Orcas Island residents to complete the Washington State mandated and DSHS approved Home Care Aide Training.

The Lahari Board has approved an HCA Recruiting budget for 2017 to sponsor online HCA training and certification for 10 students. A $50 deposit is required to start the program. The deposit is refunded when the student completes the online training. If the student then wishes to become certified, upon passing the state exam, Lahari will reimburse the fees and off island travel expenses typically associated with obtaining HCA certification.

Individual providers not working for any state or private licensed agency, in other words being paid directly by the client or client family, are exempt from the requirement to be certified, however, many long term care insurance policies require a licensed or certified provider. Also having HCA certification conveys a level of competency to potential clients.

HCA training is online, containing 75 hours of material that may completed on the student’s own timeline. The curriculum is comprised of a combination of video lectures, Powerpoint presentations, written assignments/papers, competency scenarios, quizzes and multiple choice exams. The student must have access to computer or tablet. Smartphones are not recommended. Also, the student must have internet access with enough speed to watch and listen to video lectures.

The online course requires an off island trip to attend a Skills Lab. The Skills Lab is a practice day for the State Skills Exam and is a mandatory component of the curriculum. You will practice all 15 skills on the HCA Skills Checklist. Skill Labs are offered in Mt. Vernon, Lynwood and other locations throughout Washington. You are responsible for making a reservation to attend a Skills Lab. Many students attend a Skills Lab close to the time of the State Exam in order to keep the procedures fresh in their minds.

For students choosing to apply for Washington State HCA Certification please see a special note by clicking HERE. The HCA certification exam requires an overnight off island trip, because the exam starts before one can arrive at the testing site after taking the first boat.

Lahari is no longer accepting applicants for this program. We've reached our budgeted number of registrants for 2017. If you'd like to be notified when the program begins again in 2018, enter your email HERE.

To register for for the Lahari HCA Training and Certification Sponsorship Program:
  1. Send $50 refundable deposit to Lahari, PO Box 1252, Eastsound WA 98245, payable to Lahari. Please include HCA Training/Certification Deposit Form available HERE.
  2. Fill out Online Application Form by clicking HERE.

Please call if you need additional information: 1-888-685-1475

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